NC beta chartered 1905
This web site is dedicated to SigEp's from the 50's and 60's, to share our Experiences and Memories, and our fraternal bonds......which is why we call ourselves BROTHERS.

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We will wear this in our hearts to signify our brotherly love and dedication to one another.
This is our 12th reunion. Started in 1969, this group of brothers has held a reunion every 5 years until 2009; every 3 years after 2009; start every 2 years after 2018 Total span through 2018...50 years!
Last Reunion was August 10, 2018
See page Reunion 2018 and Photo Albums for 2018
Next Reunion planned for 2020
Of Note: As of August 20, 2018 there have been over 38,000 visits (hits) to this site. Many are probably Sigma Chi's wishing they were Sig Eps.
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