Sig Ep Reunion 2012
August 24-26, 2012
Hickory, N.C.
Hosted by George & Carolyn Moretz

This group of brothers primarily includes those initiated from 1957 to 1966
Our next reunion will be in three years 2015

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ATTENDEES   48 Brothers    38 Spouses
John  Booth  (Rosie)
Bob  Broome    (Susan)
Bill  Bryan (Pat)
Pat  Calhoun    (Sylvia)
Michael Clark    (Clara)
Robbie  Davis    (Sarah)
C.R.  Duncan    (Linda)
Steve  Fort   (Julia)
Jim  Frye (Betty Reid)
Dennis  Gurley   (Pam)
Lyn  Guthrie    (Marcia)
Clyde  Harris    (friend Brenda)
Reginald  Harris (Jo Ann)
Joel  Hicks (Suevaughn)
George  Hovey (Kay)
Charles  Jamerson   (Frankie)
Phil  Kinken    (Louise)
Charles  Laird   (Lola)
Raymond  Martin    (Carol)
Frank  Miller    (Rita)
Doug  Monday (Donna)
George  Moretz (Carolyn)
Robert  Moser    (Sharon)
Larry  Nixon (Katie)
Tom  O'Brien Jr (Kay)
Charles  Pollock (Elizabeth)
Bill  Ramseur (Candace)
George  Setzer (Phyllis)
Michael  Sigmon (Jackie)
Gray  Steifel Jr (Margaret)
Larry  Stewart (Jane)
Bill  Thorn (Marion)
Mike  Wagoner (Debbie)
Don  Waldrop (Judy)
Jack  Watson (Kathy)
Carlos  Williams (Peggy)
Milton  Williams (Martha)
Pat  Denson
Bill  Garwood
Bill  Grant
Tom  Hayes
Jim  Hooks
Art  Jarvis
Riley  Kirkpatrick
Barry  Lankford
Herb  LeBosse
Edward  Mills
Mac  Page
John  Tankard


We were graced with the presence of Doug & Donna Monday (especially Donna), after a long absence. They now reside in Wilmington, NC.


Saturday evening, a tribute to the memory of brothers Joe Middleton, Bruzz Perrou and Alex Denson was led by Jack Watson:


Folks, I would like for you to think for a moment about the brothers we have lost since our gathering three years ago, Joe Middleton, Bruzz Perrou and Yogi Denson.

Now, close your eyes and imagine these fine men standing with us now.

As always, the Spirit of NC Beta never dies. Thank you Lord for gracing us with their presence. Amen.


These 2009 post-reunion reflections are also worth repeating.

A long overdue but very special thanks to the "older" brothers", those in attendance who preceded my time as a brother. I will always feel a debt of gratitude to each and every one of you. You accepted me as one of you and treated me as one of your own. You are part of a group that laid the foundation for all of those who followed you. What a wonderful gift you have given to us.......the opportunity for lifelong brotherhood, friendship and memories.   Joe Middleton

When I came to NC State I had a football scholarship and my clothes in a A&P grocery bag.  My parents worked 11:00-7:00 and I was on my on from the time I was 12 yrs old. I didn't know you could eat a piece of meat that wasn't fried.  You guys took me in and gave me respect and help make me who I am.  Thank you!   Bruzz Perrou



Upon arrival and check-in, the hotel banquet room was available for greetings and sharing, "Gosh...I recognized you even with no name tag." 

The Friday dinner was held in the hotel banquet room, starting with a Welcome Party at 5 PM.  After a group prayer led by George Moretz, dinner was started at 7 PM, catered as a SigEp Cookout. The same great caterer as 2009 provided huge burgers, hot dogs, all the trimmings plus Banana pudding. The meeting and greeting continued into late in the evening. As usual, the BYOL format brought forth many an assortment of liquor, wine and beer.


Breakfast Buffet
The abundance of choices on the complimentary buffet was a bounty for breakfast lovers. Some men had a wholesome breakfast...a half bagel, a fruit cup and decaf coffee. The real men chowed down on scrambled eggs, grits, hash browns, bacon, sausage, bisquits with country gravy, some danish and several cups of regular coffee. With no dress code, some men showed up in skivvies and flip-flops. (just kidding).

Lunch at Moretz Home

Carolyn hosted a lunch at her home for those interested or not on the golf course. Sandwiches, chips and beverages were provided.

Saturday Golf Outing
Since Morets's Country Club was not available on this date, George did secure tee times at Brushy Mountain Golf Club about 45 min. from the hotel. There were 27 golfers including two wives. The most notable event was Bill Thorn volunteered to drive the "beer" cart. Unfortunately, Brushy Mountain is in a dry county beer and no designated drivers were required. He refuses to comment, but it appears that Jim Hooks sort of lost his cool on one hole. His actions were caught on camera. See the "Hooker" in Photo Album #2.



Same location as 2009, Saturday evening festivities were held at the Riverbend Clubhouse. The clubhouse has a large banquet room, bar and wrap around porch. The buffet dinner included Lexington style BBQ and grilled chicken with the usual trimmings.

The music DJ was scrapped this year, since Ivan "Shag" Gilland did not attend this year. Also absent was Fuzzy Furr, so Mike Wagoner performed the "production line" skit very skillfully I might add.

The traditional SigEp songfest was led by Jack Watson, Bill Thorn and Larry Nixon. After so many years, we may forget some of  the words, but as Jack Watson said, the spirit of NC Beta never dies.

Sunday Morning

Ditto Breakfast Buffet.

After farewells and many hugs, check-out was 11 am.