Sig Ep Reunion 2015
August 14-16, 2015
Hickory, N.C.
Hosted by George & Carolyn Moretz

This group of brothers primarily includes those initiated from 1957 to 1966
Our next reunion will be in three years 2018


ATTENDEES   44 Brothers    31 Spouses
Bob  Broome    (Susan)
Bill Bryan        (Pat)
Robbie Davis    (Sarah)
C.R. (Randy)    Duncan Jr    (Linda)
Steve Fort        (Julia)
Homer Frye        (Betty Reid)
Frank    Furr        (Lani)
Dennis Gurley    (Pam)
Lyn Guthrie        (Marcia)
Joel Hicks        (Suevaughn)
Preston Hodges    (Kathleen)
Jim Hooks        (Sally)
Charles Jamerson    (Frankie)
Phil Kinken        (Louise)
Mike Kokoska    (Jane)
Raymond Martin    (Carol)
Dan McKinney    (Martha)
Frank Miller        (Rita)
George Moretz    (Carolyn)
Robert Moser    (Sharon)
Larry Nixon        (Katie)
Tom O'Brien Jr    (Kay)
Bill Ramseur        (Candace)
George Setzer    (Phyllis)
Larry Stewart    (Jane)
Bill Thorn        (Marion)
Mike Wagoner    (Debbie)
Don Waldrop    (Judy)
Jack Watson        (Kathy)
Carlos Williams    (Peggy)
Milton Williams    (Martha)
Pat Denson
Ivan Gilland
Bill Grant
Tom Hayes
Artie Jarvis
Tom Kirkpatrick
Vello Kuuskraa
Barry Lankford
Edward Mills
Bill Nau
Joe Parish
Ray (Scooter) Parker
Bob Stallings
States represented 13 total.
AL   CA   CT   DC   FL   GA   NC   NM   NY   SC   TN   UT   VA

We dedicate this reunion to Miss Thelma
50 plus years from our days at NC beta.

Old Fashion Dogs & Burgers with all the Trimmings
Baked Beans  ≈≈  Apple Crisp dessert

Famous Hickory BBQ Pork & BBQ Chicken
Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad
Banana Pudding dessert


Upon arrival and check-in, the hotel hospitality room was available for greetings and hugging. It provided a challenge for some, since there were no name tags. From the hotel, the limousine bus carried most to the Riverbend club for the Friday & Saturday evening festivities.

At the clubhouse, a Sig Ep video slide show was shown on the TV.  A photo archive from Robbie Davis was converted to a DVD by Larry Nixon who, as an EE (Entertainer Extraordinaire) did a superb job.


Carolyn Moretz hosted a luncheon at her home for golfers wives and non-golfer brothers.
About 32 attended. The Lunch Fare included:
Chicken Fingers, Blueberry Slaw, Chips, Brownies, Tea & Lemonade



Golf photos are in Photo Album Reunion 2015 #1

2015 Sig Ep Big Chill Golf Tournament


As witnessed and recorded by Nixon, Hooks and Setzer

Team Names
GB&D: Moretz, Thorn and Gurley (M. Clark could not attend)
Miss Thelma’s Revenge: Bryan, Hooks, Wagoner and M. Williams
PMMS: Parker, Martin, Mills and Stewart
The Supremes: Furr, Jamerson, Nixon and Setzer
Beta Ball Busters: Grant, Gilland, Parish and Stallings

On the stature of the Moretz name in Hickory, George made one phone call and the golf outing was arranged.

The five teams (listed above) would have been 20 players, but Mike Clark at the last minute was unable to attend.

Rules & Logistics:
Supreme Grand Marshals: Frank Furr & Larry Nixon
On-Course Marshals: Tom O’Brien, Randy Duncan, Jack Watson plus Sub-Marshal Bill Nau.

Captain’s Choice Team Play. Entry fee $5 a head. Total Pot $100.
Winners for "Show me the Money" Pot split--
First, Second and Last place teams split the pot; 1/2 to First place, 1/4 each to other two teams. The Last team gets paid for enduring the ragging.

Saturday morning, the convoy (an overly formal term) of 19 golfers left for the golf course. Between the street names in Hickory and the fact that Lake Hickory Country Club has two golf courses (one in-town, one in the county) all the GPS systems were going nuts. Col. Furr led the convoy with Moretz as navigator. Col. Furr had difficulty interpreting the GPS since we were too close to earth.

Bob Stallings for some reason, drove his own car and naturally ended up at the wrong golf course. An hour later he finally showed up. It brought back memories of Mud’s Raiders. Golf took a leisurely 5 hours, aided by the On-course Marshals. The Marshals assisted the players by distributing adult beverages and generally harassing the players while they putted.

A controversy erupted at the end, when the leading group indicated they had turned in an incorrect scorecard which was also unsigned. After an emergency meeting of the NIGA (National Independent Golf Association) Marshal Supremes, it was determined there were mitigating circumstances. The corrected score was allowed to stand.

Team Results & Winnings:
1st Place $50- GB&D: Moretz, Thorn and Gurley.
2nd Place Tie $12- Miss Thelma’s Revenge: Bryan, Hooks, Wagoner and Williams
2nd Place Tie $12- PMMS: Parker, Martin, Mills and Stewart
Last Place Tie  $12- The Supremes: Furr, Jamerson, Nixon and Setzer
Last Place Tie  $12- Beta Ball Busters: Grant, Gilland, Parish and Stallings

NOTE: Brother Hooks has filed a Class Action lawsuit as to the Winner Results, emphasizing that the "Tournament" was a scandal of mammoth proportions. If you would like a copy of the lawsuit, email Brother Hooks requesting such.




Best Hat #1
The ones Furr donated in 2009

Best Hat #2
George C.B. Setzer's hat in 2015



The main event Saturday night was a total success! As always, the favorite “finger licking good” Hickory BBQ was delectably delightful. After dinner, the usual routines of song, laughter, golf prizes and….the traditional “production line” skit by Frankie Furr. Several brothers unable to attend Friday were present Saturday.


There seemed to be a noticeable aura at this year’s reunion. The brothers and wives exhibited a special appreciation for this occasion. It was reflected by their manner and comments. Their emotions were obvious during the song fest, and especially by the Memoriam for the recently deceased. The best explanation would be the realization that this group is really special, and we have reached a “juncture” of significance, age wise.


Sig Ep Songs

Bill Thorn was the designated Song Leader, accompanied by lip-syncing Larry Nixon and Frank Furr.



A moment of silent prayer was held in recognition of the recently deceased brothers and wives.


Golf Results & Prizes

The presentation of the Winners and Prize Money got a round of applause, with one exception. The Second Place teams appeared to be disgruntled and were NOT smiling. An onlooker from the crowd exclaimed, “Gee, it’s only a game!” Obviously, that person was not a golfer.


Car Production Line Skit

The traditional “production line” skit by extremely talented Frankie “Hubcap” Furr continues to invoke tears-in-your-eyes belly laughs! Which reminds us that he was the #1 Social Chairman at NC beta. Someone suggested a video of that skit should be put on YouTube. 


After Hours Concert

A Saturday night after-party get together in the hotel hospitality room, Larry Nixon did a grand job of entertaining us with his guitar, playing and singing blue grass music, highlighted by his song “A Bowl of Butter Beans”. Among the many songs he sang, “Scotch and Soda” brought back memories from our days in the house on Clark avenue. Larry commented, “I just happened to bring my guitar to Hickory.”


Superlatives & Digs
By Observant and Creative Jack "Take-down" Watson

Best Hat: George (Charlie Brown) Setzer, a straw hat with plumage. It looked as if he’d stuck his head up a peacock’s rear end.

Best Driver: Ray Martin on #5, 297 yards

Worst Driver: Eddie (Droopy) Mills rear-ended another cart at 20 m.p.h. Hit same cart in the front right fender later in the day. (He’s a New Yorker of course.)


Most Convenient Attorney: Ray (Scooter) Parker, standing nearby the collision.


Best Yearbook Likenesses: Carolyn Moretz and all the other Sweethearts; Joel Hicks, Barry Lankford and Danny McKinney.


Most Missed: Jumping Jim Miller and Clara Clark.

Best Reunion Communicator-In-Chief: Tom O’Brien

Best Reunion Coordinators: George and Carolyn Moretz

Most Recently Released from NC Beta Witness Protection Program: Preston Hodges, Bobby (Animal) Stallings, Danny McKinney and Ray (Scooter) Parker.

Still MIA: Bo Duncan, Danny Holcomb, Mike Morton, Ray Wheeler, Gary Herman, Larry Faust, Lawrence Laxton, Frank Davis, Bill Boles, Larry Carter, Vic Rackley.

Best Imitation of a Drivable Vehicle: Mudcat’s truck.

Best Foursome to Play Behind if You Need a Nap: Brothers Bryan, Hooks, Wagoner and Williams.

Best Recoveries from Adversity: Larry Stewart, Don (Fonz) Waldrop, Robbie Davis.

Longest Journey: Carlos and Peggy Williams from CA

Best New Sweethearts: Martha McKinney and Kathy Hodges.

Best New Name: Arte Johnson (not Artie Jarvis).

Worst New Name: Tom Kirkpatrick  (aka Riley).

Most Ubiquitous Photographers: Jim Hooks, Joe Parish and Larry Nixon.

Best Entertainers: Frankie (Fuzzy) Furr on his “production line”, and Larry Nixon on his guitar.

Best Dressed Brother: Ivan (Dobie) Gilland

Best Dressed Sweetheart: Name any one at random.

A Pig’s Worst Nightmare: Jim and Betty Reid Frye, attending their high school and fraternity reunions in the same day, eating barbecue at each.

Best Team Name for Golf: “Miss Thelma’s Revenge,” per Mike Wagoner.

Least Appropriate Team Name for Golf: “The Supremes” (Brothers Furr, Jamerson, Nixon and Setzer). Why insult Diana Ross?

Most Durably Loyal: Charlie and Frankie Jamerson.

Most Reliable Attendance: Tom Hayes and Bob (Cool) and Susan Broome.

Best Song Leader: Bill Thorn; Honorable Mention: Larry Nixon; there also Frankie Furr.

Host with the Most, East of Tennessee: George Moretz.


In Memoriam
Recently Lost Brothers & Sisters
Jim Miller  2015
Clara Clark  2014
Alex "Yogi" Denson  2012
Jinx Perrou  2012
Albert "Bruz" Perrou  2010
Joe "eye" Middleton  2010

O.T. Hayes, the sophisticate from Connecticut, was seen purchasing wine at a CVS

The hotel Breakfast Buffet was diminished considerably compared to prior years. 

Two stories from Jim Hooks.
#1 As I was checking in the hotel a day early, somebody in front of me was checking in. I thought nobody I knew would be checking in at that time, so I interrupted the hotel clerk to ask where I could find some “prune juice”. The lady in front of me turned around and low and behold it was Betty Reid Frye. They harassed me the rest of the week-end about an old man needing “prune juice”.

#2 Friday evening I accidentally spilled red wine on myself, Lani Furr and Jane Stewart. Thankfully it was toward the end of the night. Lani had on white pants and Jane had a light colored top. Saturday night I came prepared by bringing a trainee mug with a screw-on top to avoid another mishap.

With the advent of the new SPE National policy on sexual-orientation, the Sweetheart Song (Sig Ep Girl) will have to be rewritten entirely to comport as non-discriminatory. 

Brother Hooks has filed a Class Action lawsuit as to the Golf Results, emphasizing that the "Tournament" was a scandal of mammoth proportions.

Upon arrival when Bob Stallings introduced himself, someone thinking he was an impostor, asked for identification.

On the way to the golf course, Furr could not interpret the car’s GPS system ‘cause they were too close to the earth.

With Bob Stallings in attendence, we are reminded of IFC Weekend 1964, as related by Alex Howell.
Many good memories from Sig Ep days in Raleigh, but one is special. It was when Bobby Stallings and I brought Ike and Tina Turner back to the house on Fraternity Row from their concert at Kid Brewer's Hill. Bobby and I rode back to the house with them on their bus. As I recall, they changed clothes at the house, ate tons of pizza and left without one song. Duke, their bus driver, was one mean looking dude. I never knew how Dale got back to the house from the hill.
A footnote from Jack Watson. I was the president of the IFC at the time, giving me the perk of inviting them to the house after their concert. Sure enough, they didn't perform any songs, but we cranked up the jukebox, and everyone danced. Often, when asked what I may have done in my life that no one else in my company has done, I tell them I danced with Tina Turner--and challenge them to top it!

***Click on photo to make larger; find Bob & Dale Stallings. You can see Duncan and Wintzer.


Kathy and I had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone. I regret that I missed all the other reunions but I won't miss anymore if it's in my power to be there.

Preston Hodges


It was good to see the 1st timers that were there and especially my old roommate Preston and his wife Kathy. I think everybody had a great time especially the newcomers. Golf was a great time this year with a lot of ribbing. It was good to see crutches didn’t keep Robbie Davis from attending. I think it was one of our better reunions, although all of them have been great. The bus was a great idea! It allowed me to get totally smashed knowing that I would have a bus ride home if I could just remember where the bus was.

Jim Hooks


Marcia and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to George and Carolyn for being such gracious hosts again, and for Tom and Kay for putting it all together again.  We look forward to the next reunion, whether it be 2017 or 2018.  It was great to see everyone and to have the chance to reminisce once more about the good old days.

Fraternally,  Lyn Guthrie


My best hole of the day was #18 since my drive was chosen; my second shot was chosen and I made the putt for a birdie. I was pretty proud until Jamerson reminded me that before that putt, we had locks on the "booby" prize but my valiant efforts had screwed our team creating a tie for the "booby" prize. This reduced our proud winnings in half to $3.00 each. Regardless, our team enjoyed the fellowship of the links and recalled plenty of good times from the 1960s. Maybe I should frame my $3.00?

George “Charlie Brown” Setzer


Over heard comments: Pam and Dennis Gurley recently went to Herb Lebosse's first and only wedding and he is  70 or 71.  Go Herb!!  Joel Hicks called Danny McKinney one day prior and coaxed him out of the woods of Little Switzerland and his Christmas tree farm. The best stage performance was who else but Frank Furr.  Billy Nau should win an award for obscure trivial facts about NC Beta such as:  Who were Miss Thelma's helpers? What was the name of the cleaning lady and how much PJ did she drink out of somebody's stash? What did Miss Thelma's husband do for a living?  He played professional baseball for Negro league.

Bill Ramseur


Enjoyed seeing Preston Hodge and his wife Kathy, for their first reunion attendance. Also drove the beer cart with Bill Nau. He had an amazing career and I enjoyed hearing about it. It continues to amaze me that we can get that many friends together for a weekend. It is truly special and Linda and I feel fortunate to be a part of this group.

Randy Duncan


The whole reunion was first class, just perfect!  I had a great time seeing so many brothers after 50 years! It actually was shocking. George and Carolyn deserve our thanks; it seemed like a lot of work for them. Also, it was great playing golf with Joe and the I-Man! We gave Irving a new name, he was a clutch player that I really enjoyed along with Joe!

Bob Stallings


This one turned out to be a great time..wish everyone had been there. How can we thank our hosts George and Carolyn Moretz enough?  We are blessed to have someone so located and so willing to take on these duties (year after year). Thanks to our scribe, treasurer and promoter, Tom O’Brien; also Frankie and Lani Furr for pitching in early to help George and Carolyn. If you missed, you should make every effort to make the next one.  Most of us rode the “Don’t Drive Home Drunk”  limousine to/from the club for the evening meals and functions.

Larry Nixon


This had to have been the most fabulous reunion ever. After many years the Fall 1960 pledge class, eight of us, were reunited. Joe Parish was nice enough to send me a picture of our group. What a handsome crew. It was, however, quite a chore to try to get everyone together for that picture. Luckily I didn't have to hurt anyone. As usual Carolyn Moretz was fantastic; George wasn't bad either. Many others had a hand in the success and I thank them all. I really feel these get togethers help keep us young. Works for me. However, after 4 days with Bob Stallings, one needs a few days recuperation time.

Fraternally, Mudcat (Bill Grant)


It's a gift of grace for these reunions to occur with as much joy and laughter produced, as we all seem to experience. There's a genuine fondness for friendships bonded not only by our time at NC Beta, but strengthened and built upon through these reunions.

- Many voices singing old songs, and many done so from memory!

- The BBQ Lodge BBQ is still pretty good Q!

- The Marshall Supremes arranged a great golf outing, at least the on-course assistant marshals thought so and we didn't lose any balls!

Tom and Kay O’Brien


Thanks to George/Carolyn, TKO, Larry, and Col. Furr for all their time and efforts. A well planned event. Special thanks to Joe Parish, Bob Stallings, and Mudcat for a fun round of golf. I am now shopping for a new putter that gets the ball to the hole.

Ivan Gilland


Jane and I had a wonderful time. There was plenty of time for reminiscing, talking about grand children and for discussing medical issues seniors tend to do. We especially want to thank Tom for cajoling us through numerous emails to get off our butts. Special thanks to George and Carolyn for providing a "home" for wayward (or scattered) brothers at Hickory. Jane and I did not get there until Saturday but we had plenty of chances to mingle at the hotel, on the bus (which was a great idea) and at the Dinner Party. I am amazed at Furr's ability to still do the kicking and coordination required  for the factory worker joke. It must be the Utah air, or has that state legalized drugs? The singing of the Sig Ep songs was great and the remembrance of our brothers who have passed away was special. We look forward to the next Reunion.

Mike Kokoska

Occasionally for the past fifty years I have trouble sleeping at night when I had guilt feelings about never properly reimbursing Mudcat for the numerous times I borrowed the Mudmobile late in the evening on a weekend trying to get a date back to her barracks before she turned into a pumpkin at Meredith.   At our reunion I finally bought him an overdue tank of gas.  Mud didn't remember how often that Chevy ran around with the gas gauge just above empty but I did....  I'm sleeping much better these days.

Artie Jarvis


Mudcat Response: That is true, $50.00. I don't remember anything about it, but Artie said he borrowed my Chevy a lot and always brought it back empty. This eased his conscience. Naturally, to keep from hurting his feelings, I took the money, after he stuffed it in my pocket.