2007    1-Year    Gray Steifel

2008    1-Year    Carlos Williams

2009-2011    3-Years
Bill Bryan   Jim Buie   Van Donnan   Randy Duncan   John Duplessis   Eion Faelten   Frank Furr   Bill Grant   Tom Hayes   Jim Hooks   Alex Howell   Barry Lankford   Joe Middleton   Larry Nixon   Tom OBrien   Ray Parker   Dave Parrott    Bruzz Perrou   Charles Pollock   George Setzer   Mike Sigmon   Mike Wagoner   Jack Watson   Gray Steifel

2012-2016  5-Years

Mike Bernard

Bill Boles

John Booth

Bob Broome

Bill Bryan

Jim Buie

Don DeAngelis

Alvin Donnan

CR Duncan

John Duplessis

Eion Faelten

Larry Faust

James Frye

Frank Furr

Ivan Gilland

Bill Grant

Lyn Guthrie

Reg Harris

Harry Hartsell

Tom Hayes

Jim Hooks

George Hovey

Charlie Jamerson

Art Jarvis

Thomas Jones

Jack Keeter

Phil Kinken

Mike Kokoska

Barry Lankford

Lawrence Laxton
Herb LeBosse

Raymond Martin

John McGahey

Bill McLaurine

Bob Metz

Edward Mills

George Moretz

Bill Nau

Larry Nixon

Tom OBrien

Joe Parish

Ray Parker

Dave Parrott

Charles Pollock

Gene Pridgen

Bill Ramseur

George Setzer

Chuck Siewert

Mike Sigmon

Bill Smith

Larry Stewart

John Tankard

John Troutman

Mike Wagoner
Barry Waldrop

Don Waldrop

Lloyd Walter

Jack Watson

Carlos Williams

Milton Williams

Bill Young

2017-2021  5-Years

Barry Lankford    Barry Waldrop

Bill Bryan        Bill Grant

Bill Smith        Bill Ramseur

Bill Young        Bob Metz

Bob Broome        Carlos Williams

Charles Pollock    Charles Wintzer

Charlie Jamerson    Chris McDonald

Dave Parrott        Don Waldrop

Don DeAngelis    Eion Faelten

Frank Miller        Gary Herman

George Setzer    Ivan Gilland

Jack Keeter        Jack Watson

James Frye        Jim Hooks

Joel Hicks        John Duplessis

John Booth        John Tankard

Mike Sigmon        Mike Wagoner

Mike Kokoska    Mike Morton

Milton Williams    Phil Kinken

Preston Hodges    Ray Parker

Ray Wheeler        Raymond Martin

Reg Harris        Robbie Davis

Steve Fort        Tom OBrien

Van Donnan


This renewal is dedicated to
Oliver Thomas Hayes III
better known as “OT”, Class of 1964
Who passed away December 10, 2015

OT is one of the most dedicated and loyal SigEps of all time.
His popularity and leadership skills were exemplary, holding officer positions in the chapter, and in his professional career.

He was an officer in the U.S. Navy, serving three tours of duty on a destroyer in the Vietnam War.

I think OT would approve of this photo