A chapter Sweetheart was a special lady, normally a Pin Mate of a brother, selected by the brotherhood to represent us and serve as a role model for the best qualities we expected of our female companions.

The chapter Sweetheart was elected in the last month of spring semester to serve the following year.

Sweethearts by year served
1958    Betsy Lane
1959    Carolyn Pegg
1960    Gigi Padgett

1961    Gloria Miller
1962    Gay Todd
1963    Katie Howard Nixon
1964    Margaret Harrison Steifel
1965    Barbara Knight

IFC (Intrafraternity Council) weekend was a major social event where all of the fraternities gathered on Kidd Brewer's hill with our dates and beverage of choice, and rocked with the performance of famous groups set on a bandstand at the foot of the hill. SEE photo's in Chapter Activities album.
Truby's was a recreational swimming hole on the outskirts of Raleigh. It was a lake with sandy beaches including a shelter with a BBQ pit.  Truby's weekend was the last social event held each year in the spring.