Sig Ep Reunion 2018
August 11-12, 2018
Hickory, N.C.
Hosted by George & Carolyn Moretz

This group of brothers primarily includes those initiated from 1957 to 1966
Our next reunion will be in two years 2020


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ATTENDEES   44 Brothers    27 Spouse

John & Rosie  Booth

Bob & Susan Broome

Bill & Pat Bryan

Pat & Sylvia Calhoun

Randy Croxton

Robbie & Sarah Davis

Don DeAngelis

Randy & Linda Duncan

Steve & Julia Fort

Frank & Lani Furr

Ivan Gilland

Mudcat Grant

Dennis & Pam Gurley

Lyn & Marcia Guthrie

Reg Harris

Joel Hicks

Jim Hooks

Charlie & Frankie Jamerson

Art Jarvis

Jack & Carolyn Keeter

Phil & Louise Kinken

Tom R Kirkpatrick

Mike & Jane Kokoska

Herb Lebosse

Buck & Diane Lee

Frank & Rita Miller

Eddie Mills

Doug Monday

George & Carolyn  Moretz

Robert & Sharon Moser

Bill Nau

Larry & Katie Nixon

Tom O'Brian

Joe Parish

Scooter Parker

Bill & Candace Ramseur

Larry & Jane Stewart

John Tankard

Bill & Marion Thorn

Mike & Debbie Wagoner

Don & Judy Waldrop

Jack & Kathy Watson

Milton & Martha Williams

Charlie & Robin Wintzer



We dedicate this reunion to Jack Watson

One week after courageously attending this reunion, Jack passed away peacefully at his home August 19.

In Memoriam

Recently Lost Brothers & Sisters

Jack Watson  2018

John Golden  2018

Michael Clark  2017

Wilson Jones  2016

Kay O'Brien  2016

Tom "OT" Hayes  2015

Jerry Huffman  2015



The COURTYARD MARRIOTT was selected for this years's reunion stay. It was conveniently located just off I-40 in Hickory. This upscale hotel included many amenities, including an indoor pool, exercise room and a Bistro for casual dining and drinking. Unfortunately, a breakfast buffet was not provided, a favorite for "breakfast" aficionados.


The Bistro for casual dining and drinking

Larry Nixon is the main contributor to this narrative


Upon arrival and check-in, a hotel hospitality room was available for greetings and after-dinner chatting and refreshments. The room was reserved for us all weekend. Early evening conversations and drinking commenced, and continued with the traditional Burger and ‘Dog buffet provided adjacent to the space along with a Cash Bar.


Carolyn Moretz displayed photo books from past reunions along with several composites. Larry Nixon provided Robbie Davis’s “stash” of  photos from the old house and also large photos and diagrams of the new house. Larry reported that the new house would be completed this October. The new house will have 45 residents and a resident counselor. Many said that they want to attend any ceremonies in Raleigh for the opening of the new house.


Old age barometer. The room had emptied out by 10:00 PM….’Nuff said.




As usual, Carolyn Moretz hosted a luncheon at her home for golfers wives and non-golfer brothers.



On Saturday morning, all 22 golfers met at the hotel and convoyed to Lake Hickory Country Club, to play in the traditional reunion 'Captains Choice' tournament.


Team 1:  Milt Williams, Larry Nixon, Charlie Jamerson, George Moretz

Team 2:  Reg Harris, Doug Monday, Robert Moser, Dennis Gurley

Team 3:  Eddie Mills, Scooter Parker, Charles Wintzer

Team 4:  Herb LaBosse, Mike Wagoner, Don DeAngles, Ivan Gilland

Team 5:  Bill Mudcat Grant, Larry Stewart, Mike Kokoska

Team 6:  Bill Bryan, John Tankard, Frank Furr, Jim Hooks


The winners were Team #2 at 7 under. The two runner-ups were even par.

Bill Thorn & Bob Broome drove the refreshments cart.

Joe Parish was the official photographer, with his chauffeur Tom O'Brien.


Failure: The Thorn-Broome refreshment cart's GPS was not working, thus they did not assist Team #6 during the entire 5-hours of play.



Saturday night, the group gathered at Moretz Mill, for dinner and socializing along with the usual format of recognition and entertainment. Moretz Mill is a restored building offering a classy dining and bar facility.


Following the dinner of BBQ pork, chicken and all the trimmings, the usual venue.

Carolyn Moretz asked for remembrance of Brothers who had passed away since our last gathering. Special mention was given to Buck and Diane Lee and Charlie and Robin Wintzer for their first reunion attendance.


As is our custom and enjoyment,  the group circled for singing from the SPE song books compiled several reunions ago by Jack Watson. Bill Thorn, Larry Nixon, Joel Hicks, Tom O'Brien, and Frank Furr led the singing.


The highlight of entertainment was Frank Furr and his 'assembly line' routine performed as only he can (except maybe for  Linda Duncan).


It was agreed (with Carolyn and George approval) that our next reunion would be in two years instead of three, in August, 2020. Sadly, "our herd is thinning" at a faster rate due to our age.



Sunday morning, breakfast at the hotel was enjoyed by all as different  departure times were made. All agreed that it was one of our best reunions. Thanks to the Moretz’s for choosing the hotel and dinner venues and managing the arrangements. Thanks to Tom O’Brien for the promotions, solicitations and financials.