News Clippings and Noteworthy events from college years

Sig Ep Journal  1963
Carlos Williams in selecting the 1963 All-Sig Ep Football team, continues the sports writing task for the Journal which he began last year when he named the 1962 All-Sig Ep Football Eleven and wrote the story.  At that time he was a junior at N.C. State College and sports editor of the Technician , State’s student newspaper.  Now a senior, he is president of the Sig Ep chapter, a responsible post which gives him less time for campus activities.  He led his pledge class as president, also, and upon initiation took on such duties as Rush chairman, summer house manager, and pledge-trainer.  A trombonist with State’s Symphonic Band, he also served as business manager of the Band, was active in the Young Democrat Club and Student Government.  He is presently in the officer candidate program of the U.S. Naval Reserve.
An enthusiastic and well-informed football fan, Brother Williams is the first undergraduate to select an All-Sig Ep Football Team.

Sig Ep Journal  February 1965
Martin White a N.C. State senior is the second undergraduate  and second N.C. Stater to select an All-Sig Ep Football Team for the Journal, is highly qualified for the assignment.  He has served as the Sports Editor for The Technician, student newspaper, The Agromeck student yearbook in the same capacity, and was on the staff of the Textile Forum. A major in textile technology, White was initiated as a Sig Ep at North Carolina, then transferred to State. His flair and great relish for writing about sports is obvious.
Heartbeat  Spring 1961
Covering School Year Fall 1960-Spring 1961
Athletic Director- Jerry Huffman
Carrying forth the superiority in athletics at SPE, the brothers of NC Beta compiled winning records in all categories.
SOFTBALL....undefeated.....captured Championship.
All Fraternity selections:
    Jerry Smith- pitcher, most valuable player
    Jim Hooks- shortstop
TENNIS...2nd place, led by John Nash, Charlie Livinggood, “Shine” Davis, Vello Kuuskraa
HORSESHOE...2nd place
Final Spring standings: Sig Ep 2nd among 17 fraternities
FOOTBALL...5 wins, 2 losses....playoffs defending champions, came in 3rd place
Outstanding in the meet:
    Mike Wilkerson- 1st high hurdles, 2nd low hurdles
    Jack Watson- 1st javelin
VOLLEYBALL...5-2 record
GOLF...Championship..Freddy Wilson and John Nash
BASKETBALL....7-3 record...Eion Faelton season high scorerr
BOWLING...3rd place..led by Mudcat Grant
PONG....Championships singles & doubles. Team-Eion Faelton, Charlie Jamerson, Bill Thornton, Freddy Wilson.

Beta Bugle  Spring 1963
Covering School Year Fall 1961-Spring 1962
Placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd all but three sports
Dale Baucom selected IFC Most Outstanding Intramural Athlete.
FOOTBALL- 2nd...championship lost by one point to Sigma Nu, coached by Gary Pendergraft.
VOLLEYBALL...2nd..led by Eion Faelton and Dale Baucom
GOLF..1st..led by John Tankard, George Setzer, Bo Duncan
BOWLING...1st place..led by Bill “Mudcat” Grant and George Setzer
HORSESHOE...1st....Baucom, Hooks and Setzer
SOFTBALL...1st place....Dale Baucom MVP
TENNIS...2nd...Vello Kuuskraa and Mike Kokoska
TRACK...3rd....won 880 relay sparked by John Arganbright and Mike Clark.

Beta Bugle  Spring 1964
Covering School Year Fall 1962-Spring 1963
Sig Eps won the 1962-63 intramural crown for the second straight year.  Of 13 sports in the program, Sig Eps won 1st or 2nd in eight and 3rd in two others.
FOOTBALL...2nd..led by coach Frank Furr and the Morton-to-Wagoner combination.
VOLLEYBALL...1st...led by Arganbright and Faelton
BASKETBALL....3rd with 6-3 record..Faelton as leader
PONG...2nd...Charlie Wintzer, Ivan Gilland, Mike Clark, Eion Faelton
HANDBALL...2nd..George Setzer, Mike Morton, Mike Wagoner, Vello Kuuskraa, Charlie Wintzer
BOWLING...1st...7-1 record...led by Martin White. Other team members were Sid Steifel, Bill “Mudcat” Grant, George Setzer, Joe Parish.
TENNIS...2nd...Vello Kuuskraa, Mike Kokoska, Larry Nixon, Charlie Wintzer
HORSESHOE...2nd....Mike Clark, Eion Faelton, George Setzer, Joe Parish

The Technician  September 1962
Frat Football Begins
...In league #2, last year’s second place team, SPE proved to be in strong contention for championship honors as they trounched TKE 24-6. The passing combination Morton and Wagoner accounted for the first three touchdowns by Sig Eps, the last TD scored by Steifel.

The Technician  November 1962
PKA New Football Champs
After a hard fought defensive contest Pi Kappa Alpha scored the only touchdown in the last minute of the game, winning 6-0. With only seconds remaining, Sig Ep made a strong attemp for a comeback with a Morton to Wagoner pass which was knocked down in the end zone when time elapsed.
The Technician  February 1963
PKT and Syme Top Bowlers the fraternity league, Phi Kappa Tau defeated Sigma Phi Epsilon for the bowling championship. This reversed last year’s win by Sig Ep over PKT.  With this win, PKT moved into second place in over-all fraternity standings while Sig Ep still holds the lead.

Sig Ep Journal  February 1963
The 1962 All-Sig Ep Football Team
...Mike Clark- Junior Halfback- NC State
Clark has seen extensive action on both offense and defense for the NC State Wolfpack. One of three lettermen halfbacks, Clark has a 3.8 yard rushing average as well as his 24.6 yard kickoff return average. Although he played with chest and leg injuries most of the 1962 season, he caught State’s longest pass of the season for 70 yards against Wake Forest. A major highlight of his football career was his 83-yard opening kickoff return against the University of North Carolina in 1961 (in Chapel Hill) as a sophomore.

Sig Ep Journal  February 1964
Covering School Year Fall 1963-Spring 1964
North Carolina State (NC Beta) won the fraternity football championship after finishing second for two previous years. Coached by Frank Furr and led by Mike Morton and Mike Wagoner, the team lost only one game during the season. In the playoffs, Sig Eps defeated Sigma Chi 13-0, Pi Kappa Alpha 2-0, and Theta Chi 19-0 in the championship game. This win put Sig Ep in first place for the overall intramural champions, which it has won for the past two years.

Sig Ep Journal  May 1965
North Carolina State (NC Beta)
Sophmores Roy Harding and Mac Page were outstanding wrestlers for State this year. Jon Logue and Barry Lankford are lettermen on the State tennis team. Ray Martin is a returning letterman on the Golf team. Lee Jones, a high school All-American in diving, completed his first season on the varsity swim team
State Holds Homecoming 1962
News and Observer Nov. 1962 (excerpts)
,,,At the Homecoming football game against Virginia, some 14,000 in Riddick Stadium saw Jane Riggins, a junior at Meredith sponsored by Kappa Alpha fraternity, crowned Homecoming Queen. First runner-up was Margaret Harrison, a sophomore at Woman’s College sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.
....during the game State halfback Mike Clark #22 scooped up an errant pass from quarterback Jim Rossi and scampered 70 yards for a touchdown.

NC Beta Hosts Sig Ep Ball 1963
Jack Tar Hotel, Durham, nine chapters participated.
Representing Beta chapter, Miss Clara Rikard of Canton, NC was crowned Sweetheart of the Sig Ep Ball (pinned to Mike Clark).

Watson Receives Phillips Award  1963
Jack Owen Watson received one of five William L. Phillips scholarships, awarded annually to an outstanding Sig Ep. The selection was on the basis of academic achievement and college and fraternity activities. Jack has served as chapter president, staff member of the campus newspaper and IFC newspaper, president of the IFC. Intramural participation in several sports, Jack was a member of the varsity wrestling team. National honorary societies include Phi Eta Sigma, Thirty and Three, Companion of Saint Patrick and Blue Key.

Sig Eps Capture Top Honors  1964
NC State Sig Eps added another campus first to its record this year..Scholarship! With a 2.34 house average, the house leaders were Mike Kokoska at 3.56, Bill Ramseur, 3.54 and pledge Lee Jones at 2.88. Sig Eps also hold first in Athletics, winning the championship the past two years, and have the highest fraternity membership with 58 brothers.