The topics included herein represent the chapters organization, functions and traditions as we knew them in the 1950's and 60's. These basic fundamentals were S.O.P for the majority of SigEp chapters until the early 90's. Sigma Phi Epsilon national headquarters developed a new and significantly different program to apply to individual chapters referred to as the Balanced Man Program. A great debate continues over the merits of the new program. Many "traditional" chapters still exist but are under tremendous pressure to convert to the BMP.  Basically, the new program has no Pledge training per se, but allows prospective Brothers to "learn" the ways of SigEp over several years. The results of the BMP is positive in the areas of scholarship and community service.

For more information on the "new" Beta chapter, see the article in NEW NEWS!

The 'House'
The "House"
1959 Mortgage Burning Ceremony 2512 Clark Ave
1959 Mortgage Burning Ceremony 2512 Clark Ave
The North Carolina Beta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was established at North Carolina State College in 1905. The only history we have begins in 1935.  Following are excerpts from John Barnhardt  ‘35 who contributed an article to the Beta Bugle chapter newsletter in 1964.

Pre 1946
House was at 103 Chamberlain, 6 bedrooms (one unheated) with a kitchen and part time cook.

Sigma Phi Epsilon House Corporation Raleigh N.C. was established.
Founders were Brothers:
Robert D. “Red” Beam
James H. Barnhardt
William H. White
John C. Thompson

When World War II was over, all of us settling into civilian life in 1946, Red Beam called me one day and said the fraternity house was in indeplorabel shape. We needed to get together, raise some money, and find a decent place for the boy’s to live. Red had a lawyer in Raleigh establish the Sigma Phi Epsilon House Corporation (the Corporation). That was the stepping-stone to launch fund raisers, begging brothers to pledge at least $100, or whatever they could afford, towards the housing fund. Organized fund raisers were held in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Winston-Salem and other cities in North Carolina.

Red found an attractive lot on Hillsborough St. and had plans drawn for the new house. With our personal endorsements, a bank loaned us the $5,000 to purchase the lot. But before we started construction, we sold the lot at a profit to Durham Life Insurance Co. We then found the house at 2512 Clark Ave. and bought it. We also bought the lot behind us facing Stafford Ave. The Corporation now had an obligation of $26,000.

Up to this point, activities had been largely Alumni. After the move into 2512, the activities became a “joint” effort out of necessity. The active chapter assumed it’s responsibility by making monthly payments to the Corporation for rent and a back-up housing fund. The mortgage was paid off in 1959. In 1964 the Corporation fund, including the value of the house, totaled over $35,000. A large portion of this went towards furnishing and equiping the new house on fraternity row.

Moved to the new house on Fraternity Row, 100 South Fraternity Court.
New House Fraternity Row
New House Fraternity Row
The Red Door
The tradition of the red door on Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter houses began in the 1920s. This has become a strong tradition, and as you travel to other college campuses, you will look for the red door of Sigma Phi Epsilon, where you know you will be welcome.

Colors:    Purple and Red
Symbol:    Golden Heart
Flower:    Violet and Dark Red Rose

Executive Committee
Vice President
Controller (Treasurer)

Other Appointees
IFC Representative
Pledge Master
House Manager
Kitchen Manager

Committee Chairmen
Rush Chairman
Scholarship Chairman
Social Chairman
Activities Chairman
Athletics Chairman
Alumni Relations Chairman
Contributed by Jack Watson
Contributed by Jack Watson
Dear old fraternity
All my life through
I'll love and cherish
The memory of you

Should harm betide me
Thou ere will guide me
Sigma---Dear Sigma
Phi Epsilon True

Of all the girls of college years
There's one that I've loved long
For me she wears the golden heart
For her I sing this song

My Sigma Phi Epsilon sweetheart
Wonderful Sig Ep girl
True as the heart you are wearing
You set my heart in a whirl

Violets and roses, my heart discloses
Say that you love me true
My Sigma Phi Epsilon sweetheart
Wonderful Sig Ep girl

I met a girl one day
She stole my heart away
I made sweet love to her
And gave her my pin

She said she'd marry me
Now she's my S P E
Say boys thats how the chapter grows

I'll build a bamboo bungalow for you
Big enough for one but room enough for two
Then we'll be married and happy as can be
Down in our bamboo bungalow
For 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 or maybe more
Let your conscience be your guide

T'was a cold winter's evening, the guests were all leaving
O'Leary was closing the bar.
When he turned and he said to the lady in red,
Get out! You can't stay where you are.

She wept a sad tear in her bucket of beer,
As she thought of the cold night ahead.
When a gentleman dapper stepped out of the phone booth (Phone booth?)
And these are the words that he said.

Her mother never told her,
The things a young girl should know (should know).
About the ways of SPE's, and how they come and go (mostly go!)
Now age has taken her beauty, and sin has left it's sad scar.
So remember your mothers and sisters, boys,
And let her sleep under the bar..BETWEEN THE BOTTLES!