Send me your idea's for a QUIZ QUESTION.

1) What did a Pledge do with a cigar box?
Carried his white beans for lunch
Stored his toothbrush and small roll of toilet paper
Kept smokes and goodies for brothers
Kept pictures of naked girls for brothers to look at
2) Who was Miss Thelma?
Acted as a housemother before we had housemothers
Our house cook
Invented Hamburger Pie
All of the above

3) What took place in the Rose Garden?
Took your dates there to makeout
Where Horticulture major's experimented
A quiet retreat on Meredith campus
Where Mr & Mrs Rose had cookouts
4) What was expected of a Pledge?
Know all brothers full names and hometown
Know all brothers major of study
Know all brothers Pinmate's full name
All of the above

5) What was a Plug?
Favorable remarks to a prospective date for another brother
A chew of tobacco used during Hell Week
Light bread, peanut butter & mayonaisse
An all-nighter for studying (plugging away)
6) Most requested menu item from Ms Thelma?
Fried chicken
Macaroni & Cheese
Fried Pork Chops
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

7) Who were the Kelly twins?
Valedictorians at NC State
Co-founders of secreterial service-Kelly Girls
Twin women recruiters used during RUSH
Entertaining duo who teased with their good looks